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I am not really a redneck. I just look, sound and act like one. I am most definitely a Nerd and very proud of it.
I have been a computer nerd since before it was cool to be a nerd. I excel in many areas and aspects associated with computers, software and technology in general. Chances are I know enough about your issue to be of help right now, but I can also figure it out quickly as well. One of the main reasons I love computers and software so much is simply because of the constant evolution and improvment going on which helps keep my brain fit.

I know most everything there is to know about the shrimpin' busi, uh, I mean computers and what makes them tick. I am very proficient with multiple Operating Systems and specialized software applications as well as most common applications in use around Terra Firma. My main area of specializaton is Server Admin. I do enjoy and am quite good at building, configuring and maintaining LAMP Servers running Linux, Debian in particular. I have used and do know many other flavors but I like to stick with the best. I started off Server Admin life with Windows Server but very quickly said to heck with that because of crazy licensing issues and prices that come with Proprietary software. I have been a Linux nut since my buddy Walter Tallent introduced me to it in the mid '90s. With that many years of experience, I can say with certanty I can have a standard LAMP Server for your personal or commercial needs setup and available within hours of authorization from you. For custom or specialty requirements, that obviously takes a bit more time to setup, but I can do it all. If I do not know it, I will learn it and apply it. Contact me for more info.

In todays world, data is knowledge and knowledge is king. Many companies out there offer free, or next to free cloud services for you to use. I don't like that option because I do not trust big data and the past has shown I am right to feel that way. There is nothing to stop the big data companies from selling your info to the highest, lowest and all in between bidders plus it is more likely than not they are snooping through your data and taking what they please. That is why I have been obsessed with my own cloud storage solution for years. My absolute favorite is NextCloud. I first used it when OwnCloud started in 2011. I then went with the NextCloud fork in 2016 and have not looked back. I am very proficient at this piece of Open Source Software and I have developed a plugin or two for it to enable seamless integration between platforms. You can also download an app to your Android or iPhone to upload files from your phone to your private cloud which then can be accessed from any internet connected device. Never worry again when your phone runs out of space and you have to start deleting pictures and videos because they are already backed up to your personal cloud. Another great thing about having your own cloud is it is also a calendar server that can be access by any caldav or ical complient device to keep your busy life all synced with all your devices along with all your Contacts to stay in touch no matter the device you are using. NextCloud is under heavy active continual development and what has come of all that work is an extremely stable platform which is not only as secure, but more secure than most of the proprietary offerings available. It is the most secure cloud solution I have ever used and I went through many before NextCloud and I met. Contact me to get your own cloud storage today.

Texting may be what all the kids are doing now but in business as well as real life, a central platform for all your internet communications is a must. I have been using Roundcube Webmail since it began life in 2009. I know it inside and out and I am an active developer of plugins for Roundcube amoung others to help with that centralized platform need. You can have your own custom webmail site which will incorporate your emails, text messaging, IM service, calendar schedule and cloud storage all in one place. For a reasonable price I can have what I call my standard Internet Communications Suite setup and running for you or your company in no time flat. If you provide the digital file of your Logo, I will brand it too. Seriously, if you already have a server properly setup and running, just give me a ssh and ftp login and within the hour, your Internet Communications Suite will be ready to Rock. Customization obviously will need more time but will still be quick. I am talking hours not days for most customization needs. Contact me for more info.

With all this server talk about business and keeping synced, I haven't even stated the best reason to get your own Server today. I have the ultimate solution to have your own Music Streaming Site. No ads coming at you, no songs are played that you have not specifically added yourself to jam to. Your data and information is kept on your server and is safe and secure from those big data companies that offer these so called free streaming plans. If you have a large Music Collection this is a must. I have a music collection I have been building since I was a kid which is about 40k songs. I have bought and re-bought so much over the years. I caught the last days of 8 Track, then cassette and then CD's and now digital. All of the physical mediums had one thing in common and that was having to lug around multiple folders full of tapes and CD's and you still never had your entire collection with you at one time. Don't get me started on trying to stick that CD in a tiny slot haulin' butt down a dirt road in the dark. In the digital age, you can "carry around" your entire music library simply because you can access your music library from any internet connected device with a modern browser and via apps for those Androids and iPhones. It is pretty cool to carry 40,000 songs around with you without bulky containers or having those anyoing adds or crappy songs no ears should hear being forced upon you. Since your music is always with you, you can let friends listen to new music and help out your favorite new band sell some albums. Contact me today for your own Music Streaming Server.

Is your old tired PC in need of a little TLC or does it need to be retired and new one to takes its place? No problem, you came to the right place. I got you on this. I have never bought an OEM PC in my entire life as I have built every PC I have ever owned since 1995. I have also built PC's for every friend, family member and most employers of mine since the same year. I have been hired professionally by many other people and companies to build their PC or Servers for many different needs. I have not kept count but if I had to guess, I have personally built close to 3,000 computers. As far as I know, every Computer I have built since the early 2000's are still chugging along just fine. The reason most of my work is still going is that not only do I buy quality parts, but I also train the end user about the importance of the little things to make your PC last as long as possible. Heat & Dirt are the 2 main enemies of your electronics. Just the simple act of keeping your electronics cool and clean will extend their lives by many years. I am old school and only want you to pay me once so I do this for you to get the best bang for your buck. Most of my repeat customers do not contact me for issues since my PC's run great but require a new computer for themselves or others and I am their IT Guy for life. Contact me for more info.

If you need custom spreadsheet work. I can do that too. I don't paticularly enjoy sitting and doing spreadsheets all day, but I am broke and need some money to pay those bill collectors. I am also quite good at creating intuitive spreadsheets with formatting to be easy on your eyes and find things a quicker and better than an unformatted sheet. Spreadsheet applications are one of the oldest applications around so needless to say I have many years of experience with Spreadsheets. I started out using StarOffice back in the very early '90s and tried several others until I settled on LibreOffice for my Open Source Solution and MS Excel since basically every business in the world uses it. Since I do use multiple apps my spreadsheets are compatible with MS Proprietary features as well as OSS Alternatives. Check out my Spreadsheet page to see just a small part of what I have to offer. Contact me for info.

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